The Future of Travel

2030 Commitment:Carbon-Neutral Trips

We aim to make every single trip carbon-neutral by 2030. That's why carbon offsetting should be accessible, easy and practical for all travelers. Now is the time to travel more responsibly to minimize our damage to the environment!

Commitment to Future

European Green Deal

The challenges of climate change and environmental degradation pose an existential threat not only to Europe, but to the entire world. In response, the European Green Deal aims to usher in a modern, resource-efficient, and competitive economy capable of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, decoupling economic growth from resource consumption and ensuring that no individual or location is overlooked. As a component of the European Green Deal, the European Union is implementing various measures to encourage sustainable tourism practices. These initiatives encompass promoting the utilization of low-carbon modes of transportation, mitigating waste and plastic pollution in the tourism industry, endorsing energy-efficient building renovation, and encouraging sustainable food and agricultural practices. Furthermore, the EU is striving to enhance the sustainability of tourism destinations, stimulate investment and innovation in sustainable tourism, and heighten public consciousness and education regarding sustainable tourism practices.


at least 55% less net greenhouse gas emissions by


additional trees to be planted in the EU by 2030


reduction of emissions from cars by 2030


the first climate-neutral continent

Threatened by and Contributing to Climate Change

The Paradox of Tourism

Threatened by and Contributing to Climate Change

A Threat to the Tourism Industry​

The adverse effects of climate change, such as rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and other detrimental impacts, have the potential to cause significant harm to the people, locations, and resources that the tourism industry relies upon.​

The Carbon Footprint of Tourism​

Tourism is responsible for roughly 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. From plane flights to souvenirs, various activities contribute to tourism’s carbon footprint. By 2030, transport-related tourism emissions are projected to increase by 25%.​

The Increasing Demand for

Sustainable Travel

82% of consumers say that sustainability is more top of mind now than before COVID-19

69% of travelers are committed to reducing & offsetting the carbon footprint of their trip​

81% of consumers feel that companies have a role to play in improving the environment

Tripnly's Climate Action Plan

Since our founding, Tripnly has been committed to being an environmentally conscious business and has maintained a carbon-neutral stance. Our mission is to ensure that every trip taken through our platform is carbon-neutral by 2030. To this end, we provide easy access to a carbon footprint calculator on all our mobile and web-based platforms. Our "Carbon-Neutral Trips" program is designed to follow an established framework of action that involves measuring the current carbon output of all trips, including transportation, accommodations, and touristic activities by reducing emissions where possible and offsetting any remaining emissions. We are currently developing solutions that will be available to both individual travelers and businesses in the near future.

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What You Can Do as a Traveler


Use the carbon footprint calculator and determine the amount of emissions generated by your trips


Reduce the carbon footprint of your trip by embracing eco-friendly travel practices


Support climate projects, enjoy carbon-neutral trips, and become a carbon-neutral traveler


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